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Company: Digidesign
a division of Avid Technology
(digital audio production software)

The Marketing Challenge: To sell shirts in an online store on a website frequented by digital sound geeks.

The Solution: I wrote fun, short, irreverent copy.

[2-page e-mail flyer]
—e-mail notice—
C.O.R.E (Consortium on Reading Excellence)
(reading competency programs for K–12 educators)
The Marketing Challenge: To get the word out of a new reading assessment tool to select groups of educators as quickly as possible.
The Solution: I brainstormed, created a team, wrote and designed a 2-page color flyer with samples, and distributed by e-mail — all in less than 2 weeks, from launch meeting to completion.
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Company: boulevards.com (dot.com company)
for Bear Valley Mountain Resort, California
The Marketing Challenge: To create web content describing the amenities of a Sierra ski resort and its environs to support the dot.com’s lodging promotions.
The Solution: I conducted extensive research, created the site organization, and wrote succinct yet content-rich copy for the site, taking care to make good use of key words to optimize search engine rankings.
Click to this Bear Valley website
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[travel services, online]
Company: Stanford Alumni Association  (global travel programs for alumni and the public)
The Marketing Challenge: To send monthly 
e-mails to Stanford Travel/Study's most frequent travelers to give them an 11th-hour opportunity to join a soon-to-depart trip.
The Solution: After receiving a rough draft from the trip specialist, I come up with an appropriate subject line and compelling content that includes a short letter from the director and three main highlights of that particular program.