[Dummies covers series]
—print catalog—
Company: IDG Books Worldwide
The Marketing Challenge: To establish the 
...For Dummies imprint as a leading “how-to” series via trade catalogs used by IDG sales reps when selling the series into bookstores.
The Solution: Created an ongoing series of catalog covers that both highlighted the distinctive black-and-yellow Dummies covers against a muted setting and reflected the playful nature of the books’ contents. Also created a series of magazine cover-style “grabber”  bullet points to draw buyers inside.
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[5-page folder with 4-page insert]
—direct mail—
Company: Infotel
(customer satisfaction/mystery shopping services)
The Marketing Challenge: The client’s ad agency had failed to deliver satisfactory copy after three drafts and the brochure schedule was being compromised. Infotel needed immediate copy help.
The Solution: I totally rewrote the copy, starting from scratch, then provided behind-the-scenes advice to the client on how to resolve the many design issues besetting the folder and insert.
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[Windows books, 20-page brochure]
—print catalog—
Company: IDG Books Worldwide 
(book publisher)
The Marketing Challenge: To announce the forthcoming books on new Windows software while differentiating the publisher’s various series.
The Solution: I tied the brochure’s design in with the product manager’s POP campaign and opened the brochure with a chart/guide to the series, then devoted a page to each series, which included overviews and annotated sample pages.
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[textbook supplements, 12-page brochure]
—direct mail—
Company: Wadsworth Publishing Company
(college textbook publisher)
The Marketing Challenge: To convey to college professors all the features and benefits of a huge supplement package that was accompanying an introductory biology book — in 12 pages.
The Solution: I managed every stage of this direct mail project: concept, layout, getting cover mock-ups and sample pages, directing the photo shoot, writing all the copy, and managing the graphic design and print production. 
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[web content]

—online store—

Company: Digidesign
a division of Avid Technology
(digital audio production software)

The Marketing Challenge: To sell shirts in an online store on a website frequented by digital sound geeks.

The Solution: I wrote fun, short, irreverent copy.

[consumer products, 48-page catalog]
—direct mail—
Company: SelfCare 
(health, wellness, & beauty products)
The Marketing Challenge: To write copy for products that promote wellness, being careful not 
to market them as cures or medical solutions.
The Solution: I followed the catalog company’s stringent guidelines, writing copy that focused on the elements of the products that were verifiable and/or benefits that could be realized.
[press release]
—e-mail announcement—
Company: Silver Bullet Group 
(sales messaging solutions)
The Marketing Challenge: To announce the company’s CEO’s involvement in contributing a chapter to a forthcoming book, with the purpose of adding to his industry credibility and status.
The Solution: I prepared a press release that combined newsworthiness with the worth of the CEO as a sales and marketing messaging expert, quoting him and listing his credentials.
[2-page e-mail flyer]
—e-mail notice—
C.O.R.E (Consortium on Reading Excellence)
(reading competency programs for K–12 educators)
The Marketing Challenge: To get the word out of a new reading assessment tool to select groups of educators as quickly as possible.
The Solution: I brainstormed, created a team, wrote and designed a 2-page color flyer with samples, and distributed by e-mail — all in less than 2 weeks, from launch meeting to completion.
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[consumer products, 56-page catalog]

—direct mail—

Company: Real Goods 
(“green” planet-friendly products for the home)

The Marketing Challenge: To clearly tell the environmentally friendly story of each product, along with the usual benefits and facts.

The Solution: I managed to write catalog copy that conveyed the “green” aspects of a product as well as the essential information needed to make a buying decision in the very little space allotted.

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[Series of 3 postcards]
—direct mail—
Company: MagnaWare (RezPrise)
(software for human resources departments)
The Marketing Challenge: To get the attention of busy human resources managers with one powerful benefit message about the software.
The Solution: I wrote copy for a series of 3 postcards whose visuals were already in place; determined one compelling message for each postcard that would relate to the image and wrote snappy, benefit copy to support that message.
[web content]
—online catalog—
Company: Hello Direct 
(telephone productivity accessories)
The Marketing Challenge: To convey all of the unique features and benefits of an unusual product quickly and thoroughly yet succinctly.
The Solution: I researched the product and presented all the main benefits upfront in the introduction, using a copy tone that reflected the era of the product; made sure all the information was there that one would need to decide to buy.
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Direct Mail

[web content]
Company: boulevards.com (dot.com company)
for Bear Valley Mountain Resort, California
The Marketing Challenge: To create web content describing the amenities of a Sierra ski resort and its environs to support the dot.com’s lodging promotions.
The Solution: I conducted extensive research, created the site map, and wrote succinct yet content-rich copy for the site, taking care to make good use of key words to optimize search engine rankings.
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[travel services, 20-page brochure]  
—direct mail brochure—
Company: Stanford Alumni Association Travel/Study Program
(global travel programs for alumni & the public)
The Marketing Challenge: To announce the new, hipper programs offered by Travel/Study in a way to attract a younger demographic.
The Solution: The marketing manager came to me with a layout and the opening phrase, "What If. . ." 
I developed the answer and the copy that followed.  The resultant brochure had one of the most positive responses of any marketing piece Travel/Study has ever produced.
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[travel services, 18-page brochure]  

—direct mail brochure—

Company: Stanford Alumni Association Travel/Study Program
(global travel programs for alumni & the public)

The Marketing Challenge: To create a mailing to entice the many alumni who had never taken a Travel/Study trip to seriously consider it.

The Solution: I brainstormed and came up with several clever copy devices to involve the readers and to illustrate the differentiating features of a Travel/Study program, e.g., a fun qualifying quiz.

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[private college, 40-page annual report]
—direct mail—
Institution: Holy Names University
(4-year private college, Oakland, CA)
The Marketing Challenge: To issue an annual report that would raise the content, look, and feel to another level, reflecting the school's currency and relevancy in today's world.
The Solution: Working with the University's VP of Institutional Advancement and its art director, I made sure content was crisp, engaging, and meaningful. As writer, I interviewed alumni from every decade and wrote short capsules on them, and wrote several articles; as editor, I oversaw all of the content to ensure its accuracy/quality.
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[travel services, online]
Company: Stanford Alumni Association  (global travel programs for alumni and the public)
The Marketing Challenge: To send monthly 
e-mails to Stanford Travel/Study's most frequent travelers to give them an 11th-hour opportunity to join a soon-to-depart trip.
The Solution: After receiving a rough draft from the trip specialist, I come up with an appropriate subject line and compelling content that includes a short letter from the director and three main highlights of that particular program.