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[5-page folder with 4-page insert]

—direct mail—

Company: Infotel
(customer satisfaction/mystery shopping services)

The Marketing Challenge: The client’s ad agency had failed to deliver satisfactory copy after three drafts and the brochure schedule was being compromised. Infotel needed immediate copy help.

The Solution: I totally rewrote the copy, starting from scratch, then provided behind-the-scenes advice to the client on how to resolve the many design issues besetting the folder and insert.

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Direct Mail

[private college, 40-page annual report]
—direct mail—
Institution: Holy Names University
(4-year private college, Oakland, CA)
The Marketing Challenge: To issue an annual report that would raise the content, look, and feel to another level, reflecting the school's currency and relevancy in today's world.
The Solution: Working with the University's VP of Institutional Advancement and its art director, I made sure content was crisp, engaging, and meaningful. As writer, I interviewed alumni from every decade and wrote short capsules on them, and wrote several articles; as editor, I oversaw all of the content to ensure its accuracy/quality.
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