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"Rose Marie Cleese is the most powerful writer I've had the pleasure of working with. I gave her an impossible time frame to complete an annual report and she pursued it with passion, precision, and sensitivity to the audience. On countless occasions I've been told that it is the best publication the university has ever produced."

    Dav Cvitkovic
    Vice President for 
    Institutional  Advancement
    Holy Names University
    Oakland, California

to Your Toughest Marketing Challenges!
Marketing (n.) /ˈmär-kə-tiŋ/     Copy (n.) /ˈkäpē/     Writing (n.) /ˈrītiNG/     Consulting (adj.) /kənˈsəltiNG/     Results (n.) /ri-ˈzəlts/     Creative (n.) /krēˈātiv/
Cost-Effective (adj.) /ˈkȯst-ə-ˈfek-tiv, -ˌfek-/   Web Content (n.) /ˈweb/ /kənˈtent/   Communications (n.) /kə-ˌmyü-nə-ˈkā-shəns/  Solutions (n.) /səˈlo͞oSHəns/ 
“I've worked with Rose Marie for 12 years now and not only is she wonderful to work with, but she is an extremely organized and talented writer. I have assigned her some very important projects and she's been quite successful in articulating the information just the way the viewer needs to see it. Any opportunity one has to work with Rose Marie should
be taken!

   Dan Rathje
   Creative Director,  
   Brand Marketing
   Smith Micro Software
   Aliso Viejo, California
"Rose Marie was the mastermind behind one of our most successful marketing pieces in recent years. Thanks to her ingenuity and ability to think in other dimensions, we were able to capture the attention of a new audience for our programs."

    Kara Fischer
    Marketing Manager, 
    Stanford Travel/Study
    Stanford Alumni Association
    Palo Alto, California
         leese Creative specializes in creative direction, campaign execution, brand reinforcement,
results-driven copy, and book marketing/editing.

Whether you're a major corporation, a start-up, or a one-person operation...whether you need to develop an entire marketing campaign or just need your web content polished, Cleese Creative can help you crystallize, target, and execute the most urgent items on your "to do" list — quickly, economically, and effectively.
Rose Marie Cleese has built and managed marketing creative departments for several Bay Area corporations. An award-winning copy director who has worked with a wide variety of clients as a consultant, Rose Marie Cleese is adept at developing both web content and print direct mail campaigns and collateral. Describing herself as an "out-of-house creative consultant with an in-house mentality," she commits to a project's goals, budgets, and outcomes as if it were her own company. 

Tight deadlines and lean budgets?
These are two challenges that Cleese Creative thrives on...

Call today for a free half-hour consultation and get that ball rolling toward marketing success!

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 Campaign Development

 Marketing Strategy

 Art Direction

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